Meet the Maker:

Anyone that knows Aaron knows he loves a good accessory. Even when he’s covered in polishing compound shining up jewelry for y’all, he’s rocking his gold hoops and a classic curb set. He genuinely loves jewelry and it makes him feel SO GOOD. He’s been a maker for years (originally carpentry) so naturally he’s moved on to making things that make him and other people feel SO GOOD. He is 100% self taught and makes each link of every chain himself, out of quality, recycled sterling silver and gold. Something I often hear him say to people is “I didn’t think I could pull off this much jewelry either and then I put it on and was like..damn”. 

Know that when you get a piece that Aaron’s made, you’ll get that damn feeling and you’ll have something he put his heart and soul into making. 

We appreciate so much your support and are so excited that we are doin this forreal. 

♥  Taylor (Aaron’s partner, website maker, neck model and bio writer) 

Shop Policies

Each piece is made to last. If anything happens to your piece send it back and it’ll be fixed asap!

If you aren’t *obsessed* with your piece, send it back within 30 days and you’ll be given a full refund.